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Why Sylvan Lake?


Sylvan Lake is a dynamic four season community located in the heart of central Alberta,
10 minutes west of Red Deer. Over the past decade Statistics Canada has rated the Town
as one of the fastest growing communities in Canada.


Business opportunities abound and long-term
forecasts from Provincial and Federal agencies
show a continuing trend toward increased growth
and development in Sylvan Lake and the surrounding
area. Sylvan Lake also serves as a market draw for
surrounding towns such as Eckville, Rimbey, Ponoka
and Rock Mountain House.

In addition, Sylvan Lake is considered one of the major
tourism destination resorts in Alberta. Recent studies
confirm that Sylvan Lake receives in excess of 1.3
million visitors annually.

Sylvan Lake is blessed with one of the "10 Best Beaches
in Canada" according to MacLean's Magazine, as well
as the second largest marina in the Province and has a
long history of being the recreational destination of choice
for Albertans, especially residents of Calgary and Edmonton.


Central Alberta



Sylvan Lake is a young community, with the fastest growing segment of it's population in their early twenties. It's residents also have a disposable income that is higher than the national average.

These demographic and financial trends are predicted to last at least until the end of the decade.

All these factors make the Town one of the best communities in the province to live, work, and raise a family. From it's new aquatic center and upcoming twin arena complex to it's schools and community groups, Sylvan Lake offers a quality of lifestyle beyond it's size.



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